Motorola Solutions DP4400

Empower people like never before

From the factory worker making components to the road crew making repairs, MOTOTRBO™ can transform your enterprise and make employee interactions smarter and safer. Our best-in-class audio and unrivalled data capabilities empower people like never before.

The DP4400 portable two-way radio delivers unrivalled voice and data communications with optional integrated GPS and Bluetooth. This feature-rich radio delivers plus best-in-class audio that includes Intelligent Audio and customizable voice announcements for status notifications.

Available in UHF and VHF frequency bands, the DP4400 is easy to use and features up to 32 channel capacity, five programmable buttons, dedicated emergency button, IP57 specifications for submergibility and FM or TIA intrinsically safe options.

The DP4000e Series digital two-way radios include:

  • DP4400e (no keypad)

  • DP4401e (no keypad, GNSS Bluetooth and WiFi as standard)

  • DP4600e (limited keypad)

  • DP4601e (limited keypad, GNSS Bluetooth and WiFi as standard)

  • DP4800e (full keypad)

  • DP4801e (full keypad, GNSS Bluetooth and WiFi as standard)

Performance Characteristics

Frequency band


Standard battery chemistry type

Lithium Ion

Battery life (based on a 05 05 90 duty cycle)

17 hours in digital mode
11.5 hours in analog mode

Dimensions H x W x D (with standard battery)

5.13 x 2.17 x 1.56 in. (130.3 x 55.2 x 39.6 mm)

Weight (with standard battery)

11.39 oz (323 g)


Best-in-class Audio - Loud front-facing speaker and Intelligent Audio feature that automatically adjusts the radio volume according the environment’s noise level

Productivity-enhancing Data Applications - Features the industry’s largest Application Developer Programme to enable a wide variety of customized applications including: location tracking, email gateways, dispatch, telephony, man-down and work order ticket management

Text Messaging - Send preprogrammed update messages to team members when radio communications need to be delivered without interrupting workers or guests

Capacity Plus - Single-site digital trunking system that maximizes the capacity of your MOTOTRBO system. Use it to enable a high volume of voice and data communication for over a thousand users at a single site without adding new frequencies

IP Site Connect - A digital solution that uses the internet to extend the voice and data capabilities of MOTOTRBO. Use it to link up to 15 sites for communication among geographically dispersed locations, to create wide area coverage or enhance coverage at a single site with physical barriers

Linked Capacity Plus - Linked Capacity Plus is a multi-site digital trunking system for the MOTOTRBO platform. It leverages the high capacity of Capacity Plus, with the wide area coverage capabilities of IP Site Connect to keep your staff at various locations connected with an affordable high-capacity, wide-area trunking solution

Rugged Design - Tightly sealed against wind and dust, and submersible in up to one meter of water for 30 minutes (IP67).

PMAD4116A: UHF stubby antenna for 430-470 MHz range
PMAD4117A: Motorola VHF Helical Antenna (136-155 Mhz)
PMAE4071A: Motorola UHF Stubby Antenna (470-527 Mhz)
PMAD4147A: Motorola VHF Whip Antenna (136-175 Mhz)
PMAD4119A: Motorola DP Series VHF Stubby Antenna

PMMN4071A: Motorola Impres Remote Speaker Mic Large 3.5 Jack Noise Cancelling
PMMN4024A: Motorola DP Remote Mic with Audio Jack
PMMN4075A: Motorola Remote Speaker Mic Small IP 57 No Emergency
NNTN8383: Motorola Industrial Noise Can RSM with Jack - IP54
PMMN4040A: Motorola DP Submersible Remote Speaker Mic

PMLN5845A: Motorola Nylon Carry Case 3" Plain
PMLN5864A: Motorola DP2000 Hard Leather Case 3" Fixed (Non-Disp.)
PMLN5863A: Motorola Hard Leather Carry Case with 3" Fixed Belt Loop for Disp. Radio
PMLN5846A: Motorola DP4400 Hard Leather Case Swivel Belt Loop
PMLN5866: Motorola Hard Leather CC 3" Swl (No Disp.)

NNTN8274A: Motorola Chgr Std SUC W-Power Supply Switch Mode 21W UK
PS000042A13: Motorola Single Unit USB Chgr UK
WPLN4219: Motorola DP Multi Unit Chgr with Disp - US
NNTN8525A: Motorola DP TRBO Travel Chgr
PMPN4289A: Motorola Charger Desktop Multi-Unit Impres Display Ext PS 100-240VAC EU





Carry Accessories


NNTN8294A: Motorola 29CM Earbud Earpiece to Be Used with NNTN8191
PMLN5101A: Motorola Impres Temple Transducer
NNTN8747A: Motorola Wireless Overt Audio Kit for Fast PTT (Black)
PMLN6127: Motorola Impres Two Wire Surveillance Kit - Black
PMLN5096B: Motorola Trbo D Shell Earphone