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Kenwood Communications is a globally recognised leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality radio communication systems. They have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and technology, establishing itself as a prominent leader in the fields of amateur radio, professional two-way radio systems, and consumer electronics.

Kenwood Communications offers a diverse range of products, including portable radios, repeaters, and dispatch systems designed for various applications such as public safety, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Their commitment to quality and reliability has made them a preferred choice for communication needs across the globe.

Communication Solutions

Kenwood Digital

Protecting your hearing means more than just shutting out the noise.

KENWOOD’s innovative digital Multi-Protocol hand portable and mobile devices provide users with the reassurance of future-proof communications capability and the ability to switch between digital air interfaces to accommodate different situations or as needs change over time.

woman wearing blue coat
woman wearing blue coat

Proven record

The legendary KENWOOD Pro-Talk PMR446 walkie talkie, now in its third generation has proven itself across a wide variety of Business & Industry as well as in semi-professional applications - its unbeatable combination of KENWOOD build quality, ease of use and performance making it the first choice for discerning users.

blue shopping cart on street during daytime
blue shopping cart on street during daytime
Kenwood Analogue
Kenwood License-Free

Instant radio communications solutions

PMR446 is a license-free radio communications technology in Analogue and Digital versions that offers free, unlimited calls with no subscription charges or licence applications to complete or fees to pay.

Unlike mobile phones, there’s instant one-to-one or group communications with no dialing of numbers, waiting for connections, requirement for apps on different devices, working around the uncertainties of GSM coverage and no contract fees or call charges.

It is ideal for applications where instant one-to-one or group voice communication is required over short distances, indoors and out.

two person walking towards mountain covered with snow
two person walking towards mountain covered with snow

Kenwood offers a comprehensive range of accessories for its professional digital and analogue two-way radio systems and devices and Amateur / Ham radio range.

The range includes hardware, cables and connectors and software packages allowing you to tailor your Kenwood equipment or systems to precisely meet your operating requirements.

man standing under scaffoldings
man standing under scaffoldings
Kenwood Accessories

Innovate by the power of training

Whether you have prior experience or are just starting out, our courses are designed to enhance your skills or provide you with the necessary knowledge to succeed in the field. Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from network design and optimisation to system integration and troubleshooting.