Motorola Solutions SLR5500

Coverage without complications

For your business to be successful, you need dependable voice and data communications that reach every corner of your operations. The MOTOTRBO SLR 5500 Repeater delivers high performance, high reliability two-way radio service with all the features you need to connect your workplace whether you're in the field or on the factory floor.

With its sleek form factor and low power consumption, the MOTOTRBO SLR 5500 is engineered for low cost of ownership. And with a huge leap forward in technology, it represents the next generation in repeaters as the cornerstone of a MOTOTRBO professional two-way radio system.

Whether you need the simplicity of a single site conventional system, or the powerful trunking capabilities of Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus or Connect Plus, the SLR 5500 delivers the power of digital two-way radio to your workforce.

Performance Characteristics

Frequency range

VHF 136-174 MHz UHF 400-470 MHz

Output Power

1-50 W


44 x 483 x 370 mm

Chanel Capacity



RH of 95%, non-condensing at 50 °C


NEXT GENERATION MOTOTRBO REPEATER - The SLR 5500 represents a huge leap forward in design and technology. Based on a wealth of field experience, customer feedback and technological innovation, the product delivers outstanding performance and efficiency for your business two-way radio system. From rock-solid reliability to clever touches like an integrated battery charger, the SLR 5500 is truly the next generation in repeaters.

HIGH PERFORMANCE - The SLR 5500 is designed to offer round-the-clock reliable operation, even at its continuous full transmit power of 50W. The high-quality design has been validated through Motorola Solutions Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) programme, and meets stringent quality criteria. To deliver reliable coverage throughout your business premises, the product has a next-generation receiver design, with high sensitivity and improved noise blocking. Combined with the 50W transmit output power and digital error correction, this gives you clear voice quality, even in the most adverse conditions. The SLR 5500 supports the full MOTOTRBO feature set, and is compatible with all the MOTOTRBO system architectures: single site conventional, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus (single- and multi-site), and Capacity Max. The IP interface allows you to build applications and consoles directly into your system.

HIGH EFFICIENCY - The latest RF technology gives the SLR 5500 exceptionally good power efficiency. Together with its space-efficient 1U height and low thermal footprint, it gives you a very low cost of ownership. The product has simple servicing requirements, with field-replaceable Power Amplifier, Power Supply and Modem modules. A front panel USB port allows easy configuration, with optional support for remote management. It also has built-in features such as a 3A battery charger, external alarm ports and an auxiliary power output to ease site installation. The standard warranty is 2 years, and can be enhanced with one of our full service support programmes that protects your hardware investment with prioritised expert repair, proactive technical support, software updates and more.

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