TRBOnet Agent

It's not uncommon for control rooms to be located far from radio systems they need to monitor. It is important to have a viable IP connection between the server and the radio system. If the latency exceeds 90 ms, this may lead to poor audio quality or even dropped voice calls. TRBOnet Agent allows much higher latencies, thus it can be used where the latency is an issue.

Flexible System Design

TRBOnet Agent
is an additional module for TRBOnet Enterprise/PLUS. It helps you find a workable solution even if your network doesn't comply with the requirements from Motorola's System Planner.

The list of issues that can be resolved by adding one or more TRBOnet Agents to your network is as follows:

  • Latency. If your IP network doesn't meet the latency requirements, it can result in low audio quality and poor system performance.

  • Two or more independent radio systems connected to the server. If you run two or more trunked systems connected to the same server, you may have problem installing several MNIS on a computer.

  • If you operate two or more independent radio networks (i.e. two or more different TRBOnet Servers), you may want to set up a dispatcher position capable of monitorin